Monday, 20 February 2012

Art Class

PrImAry 1st to 6th grade

During these classes we worked with a book called "The OK book" where the OK character tells us about the different things he/she likes to do in life & the things he dreams will be doing when he grows up.

As you know, we´re now focussing on the power of ConnEct, therefore to reinforce the concept, children had to write about the things that called their attention from the story & things they like or enjoy doing as the book character does.

As a closure children represented all these in a personal cOllagE where they used different materials such as recyclable stuff, colors, wood sticks, colored paper, foami, pasta... the purpose of all this is to guide them on how to respond to the text in a MeanIningFul way so they can enjoy reading!

Good readers know that reading is not just being able to say the words on the page; but being also able to ThinK about what those words mean to them

 Just like your eyes and hands have special jobs to do while you are reading, your BRaiN has special jobs too!

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