Tuesday, 21 February 2012

aRt ClaSs

TodDlerS, kiNdEr, pRe-fIrsT, fIrsT eNgLiSh
PrImaRy 1St & 2nD grAdEs

In order to keep practicing the power of cOnnEct we worked with a book called "nO, daViD" which is about a kid´s perspective where he finds exciting playing with food,jumping on the bed, playing with mud...and the way he feels when his mom is always saying NO to all his "iNitiaTiveS"

kidS were really interested in this book & they were happy sharing their stories & experiences. I could appreciate they really connected with the story.

The best of the experience was their eXciTemEnt when they were invited to enjoy doing what David wasn't allowed to do.
They were asked to express their likes, & feelings by painting on paper pasted on walls using digital paint, fruits, vegetables, & their own hands as seals.

The objective of these sessions was succesfully accomplished!!  

"You know & understand yourself better than anyone else,
 so if you can learn to put yourself into the stories you read,
 it will help you to understand them much better"

"The words on the page are only half the story,  
the rest is what you bring to the party"- Toni Morrison

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