Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Art cLaSs

During this month, March, we will be working with the power of Question

When readers learn to question while reading:

*They are encouraged to be curious readers.

*They learn that asking questions can lead them to a greater understanding of the text.

*They learn that not all questions have answers, and often these unanswered questions will help to get at the heart of the story better than those that can be answered.

*They practice what their powerful brains are already capable of doing- asking questions.

Pre-school chldren, 1st. & 2nd. Primary

This time I read them a book named YES! this is a stotry about a kid´s Lucky dAy! because everything he wants,he gets permission to do.

Children worked with colored cardboard & worsted yarn representing the things they always wanted to dO.

Primary from 3rd. to 6th grade

Children watched www.inanimatedalice.com  a transmedia production chapters I & II China and ITaly & we all together commented some facts about the story , then children in teams were asked to answer some "DeEp QueStiOns" the ones which answers are found within ourselves. It involves experience, opinions and help us go beyond the story.

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