Thursday, 28 June 2012


Yesterday Jules Verne School was honored with the "telepresence" of Pedro del Villar, Spanish poet and sensible man who shared his new poem book, titled TRES VECES, TRES LA MAR.

Angelica Antonio from Editorial el Naranjo, Publish house who was in charge of giving live to Pedro´s book was here with us too, even Ana Laura Delgado owner of the Publishing House El Naranjo participated from England,  listening how children and Pedro interacted singing his poems, and enjoying poetry.

We feel very proud of giving our children the opportunity to become more acquainted with this Poetry, since we know that active and significant experiences are real learning.

JVS truly believes that transmedia in education is the way for reaching high brain and cognitive processes, since interaction, amusement, and collaboration are the main ingredients.

It is not about learning concepts as in past years, JVS works to give children more real opportunities to participate in their active learning process, and more important in their personal and social development.

For this, and for your care and time, and for giving us the most precious gift, we will be thankful forever Pedro, our friend!!!

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