Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Art Class Power to visualize

Visualizing is the sister to imagination. Visualizing and connecting are very closely related.
When we visualize, the source for the images created from the TEXT

When children learn to visualize while they are reading:

* They are using the words they hear or read in a text to create VISUAL IMAGES or "movies in their minds"
*They are training their brains for when they begin to read books that don't include pictures with the text.
*They are able to activate all their senses to create mental images.


During this session children were asked to close their eyes and Teacher told them "words" such as ice cream, dog, pencil crayon, etc. and they were asked tocreate pictures in their minds imagining these words, "picture words".

After this, children were told a story ,still with eyes closed, and teacher asked questions such as what flavor? what colors? what shape? how did it smell? etc. so children could  realize that they can use their mind  to perceive sensations with their 5 senses.

Children were told: How could it be that everyone in the room heard the same story but visualized different things? How can that  be possible?

They were given material to create a model of what they imagined from the story told.

"When your head is full of pictures,
they just have to come out"


Children were asked to draw the pictures that their minds created from the story told.
And were also asked to answer some questions regarding thier appreciation through their 5 senses.

 "When there are no pictures in the book,
you have to make pictures in your head"

 "Artists use colors to paint pictures;
authors use words to help their readers
paint pictures in their heads"

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